Things To Consider When Creating A Parenting Plan

Divorce is never easy, but it can get even more difficult when there are children involved. Even if you and your ex-spouse are as amiable as can be, it is essential you both agree on a parenting plan in case of any emergencies, changes in either one of your lives, or altered schedules. At Crawford Gentle Law, P.C., we understand you want the best for your child—and the best includes creating a parenting plan that covers all the important issues which may arise in the future. The best prevention is preparation, and our experienced divorce lawyers are experts at drafting parenting plans that include all the necessary precautions you should take. 

The following are things to consider when creating a parenting plan, including but not limited to:

Schedules, including weekends

·       Summer, winter, and spring break schedules

·       Holidays

·       Vacations

·       Your children’s birthdays

·       Overnight stays

·       Transportation

·       Childcare

·       Neutral drop-off locations

·       Vaccinations

·       Curfews

·       Sleeping arrangements

·       Parent-child communication

·       Expectations regarding school activities, sports, religion, etc.

·       Third-party visitation

·       Legal and physical custody decisions

·       Post-judgment modifications

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