Children & Divorce

Are you considering filing for divorce? If so, you might be wondering exactly how your child may be impacted by the process. It’s a challenging experience and that’s especially true for young children who are still growing and learning. However, there is good news, as recent research has shown that children are incredibly resilient and can be just as successful and happy as children whose parents are not divorced. A little extra care and attention will help ensure they thrive in the wake of your divorce. 

Children Can Adapt

According to Constance Ahrons, a rather well-known and distinguished psychologist, around 80% of children whose parents obtain a divorce are able to lead healthy, successful, and happy lives as opposed to experiencing permanent negative effects to their mental or physical health. E. Mavis Hetherington, a developmental psychologist, agrees. She conducted a study including 2,500 children whose parents divorced and found roughly the same results as those reported by Ahrons.

How to Help

With the above information in mind, you might wonder how you can help ensure that your child adapts well and is part of the 80% of individuals mentioned above who go on to lead healthy and successful lives after their parents’ divorce. A professor at Cambridge, via a meta-study, has determined what most experienced professionals in this field believe children need order to remain well-adjusted in the midst of a divorce. Among other things, the study explains that children can develop a meaningful, close relationship with both parents even if those parents do not live in the same home and are not involved romantically. It is important to provide them with structure and support from both parents, and to give them as much consistency and stability with regards to social support and discipline as possible. It will not come as a surprise that taking the road to “scorched earth” is not a prerequisite for a child to thrive.

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